Library Services after November

After November 4th, library services will continue as follows.

We kindly ask for your cooperation to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus when you use Sophia University Libraries.

Further changes will be announced in the “post” on Library Website.


Eligible Users
  • University ID card holders【Students, Faculties and Staffs】

    Please enter/leave the campus through the north gate. The library services are as usual.

  • Library card users (such as Friends of Sophia University Library and Participants of Grief Care Professional Program)  

    Please enter/leave the campus through the north gate.

    If your library card has already expired, please apply to renew it at the circulation counter of the library. Please bring the old library card with you.

  • Participants of Sophia professional studies  

    A certificate of attendance is required for entry.

  • Members of Partnership institutes  

    Please enter/leave the campus through the north gate.

    Please tell purpose for visit to reception at the entrance of the library.

  • Graduates(one-day user)   

    Services will resume with limited purpose of use.  One-day user can only use the materials stored in the Central Library. Please avoid staying for a long time. In order to shorten the staying time, please search the OPAC in advance and specify the materials you want to use before coming.

    Please drop in at the reception desk at the north gate to enter/leave the campus.

  • Visitors other than above (such as Other University faculties, staff members and students)

    You are required to bring a letter of introduction issued by your university library and your ID.  For details, please ask at your library.


  1. Entry may be restricted if the number of visitors exceeds a maximum allowed.
  2. During Academic Year 2021, the conference room in the library (L-821, 912, 921) is used as a classroom for class use. Please note that many students may come and go during breaks and the elevators may be crowded.
  3. You must keep following the rules in the libraries. Library staff may reject your entry if you do not obey.
    • Wear a mask (Non-woven masks are recommended).
    • Disinfect your hands when you enter and leave the libraries.
    • Keep an enough distance from other users or library staffs.
  4. Please do not visit the libraries when you do not feel well, for example, you have a fever.
  5. Do not disinfect library materials by yourself. (It may cause the material to be soiled)
  6. Please disinfect your hands on your own responsibility before/after using library facilities and materials. We clean and disinfect the inside of the libraries, but ask you to forgive any imperfection.
  7. When an infection is confirmed, admission to the library may be suspended and disinfection may be performed. In addition, we may refer to the record of entries as necessary.

Facility use service.

Browsing, borrowing and copying library materials are all available as usual, but there are some restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 .

  1. Group study Room is limited for use to 1 person during 2021 Autumn semester.
    Please log in to My OPAC and reserve facilities (for Faculties, Students, Participants of Grief Care Professional Program).
  2. Please secure a social distance for discussions at Learning Commons
    ※Learning support area is not available during 2021 Autumn semester.
  3. The number of seats are limited to avoid crowding.
  4. Please bring your own headphones when using the AV corner.

Taking on-demand classes on campus.

If you need to take on-demand classes in between face-to-face classes, you can take them in the library reading area (B2F to 5F only).  At Learning Commons, you can take real-time classes that involve speaking.

During 2021 Autumn semester, you can use the reading area of B1F&BF2 to take real-time classes that involve speaking.

※Use earphones/a headset and do not allow sound to come out directly from the speakers of computers, etc.

Library services

Library materials Delivery service, Service for mailing copies, Request for purchasebooks by e-mail

The above services will not be available because of face-to-face classes resume.

Reservation service

After log in to My OPAC, you can make a reservation for a book or request for delivery service of branch library’ book.




*Please replace ([at]) with @ when sending mail.  

* Please include your school name, school year, or job title, as well as your full name and contact information (email) in your inquiry.

If you have a Sophia mail address, please send your inquiry from that address.